Papers in Brazilian Symposium on Computing Applied to Health (SBCAS)

Published: May 28, 2021 by Ivision

We are glad to announce that our colleagues from IvisionLab had two papers accepted in the 2021 Brazilian Symposium on Computing Applied to Health (SBCAS). Paulo Chagas, Luiz Souza, Rodrigo Calumby, Angelo Duarte, Washington L.C. dos-Santos and Luciano Oliveira published an article entitled Deep-learning-based membranous nephropathy classification and Monte-Carlo dropout uncertainty estimation, while Sarah Cerqueira, Ellen Aguiar, Angelo Duarte, Washington dos Santos, Luciano Oliveira and Michele Angelo published a paper entitle PathoSpotter Classifier: Um Serviço Web para Auxílio à Classificação de Lesões em Glomérulos Renais. Both papers are from the PathoSpotter project, in which the IvisionLab is highly active.