We are glad to announce that our colleagues from IvisionLab, Bernardo Silva, Laís Pinhero, Luciano Rebouças, and Matheus Pithon, had a paper accepted in Conference on Graphics, Patterns, and Images (SIBGRAPI). The paper is entitled “A study on tooth segmentation and numbering using end-to-end deep neural networks,” and have performed its experiments on a new and recently released data set that is available on Github.

Our colleagues Rômulo Cerqueira, Tiago Trocoli, Jan Albiez and Luciano Oliveira have a paper entitled A rasterized ray-tracer pipeline for real-time, multi-device sonar simulation accepted in Elsevier Graphical Models. Details of the work along with its source code can be found at the GitHub page.

It is with great satisfaction that we announce that the data set with images of glomeruli with a hypercellular type lesion is available. This dataset is associated with our article which can be found here:

Paulo Chagas, Luiz Otávio, Luciano Oliveira and colleagues from Fiocruz and UEFS had a paper entitled Classification of glomerular hypercellularity using convolutional features and support vector machine accepted in Elsevier Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.

IEEE Spectrum published a paper about our researches on Computer Vision applied in drones. Read here.